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We refer to all our visitors as 'Royal' or ORF. 'Our Royal Family' For your safety, please read the following warning! 

We have noticed that some platforms offer "Gold Membership" with the same platform giving guaranteed 2 - 10 years of possibly fake or fraudulent trading history, not forgetting the (100%) ratings; during these 2 to 10 years.  Any seller, who is willing to pay a high registration price, is welcome to a fraudulent listing!  Any seller, who is willing to pay a high registration price, is welcome to a fraudulent listing! This practice is only one that shocked me. For more details: Contact Us.

This criminal practice is shameful, immoral and illegal. It causes many innocent consumers to lose all their savings, the guilty trader quickly disappears, while the platform hides-behind its T&C. thus it is able to repeat this practice; sometimes having thousands of these fake business listed at the same time. 

ORF. 'Our Royal Family' as without you we would not be here! It is easy to show-up others. The reason for this page is not to point out others but to assist or warn you about our platform!


Our most valued visitors, we hope to provide you with whatever you seek! If its finding a pharmaceutical company to manufacture a designer drug, if you would like to find out if a certain product is safe to be taken while you are using other medication? Or if you are just interested in finding out the price of one gram of the only *(Original & Official) Durban Poison ZA™ 

Our platform is set-up to assist you find the most accurate and above all honest information available, for the directly from all the manufacturers, cultivar and  dispensary; knowing that every concern  srore  who like cultivars and a board of medical professionals that have  . From strains of cannabis to pharmaceutical with a number of ways some new, especially when new personal social, business  opportunities. Call it your friends or experts; many of these members may however represent a company, thus we ask you not to take your 1st interaction, or article as the truth or best advise. 

We warn you about these platforms, at the same we would like to make you aware that we are unable to investigate each member to the level we would like. Obviously we do the basics and a little more! We do have the ability to delve a little deeper before issuing and securing the membership username   are not for profit; in other words, due to the fact we do not charge for membership we have almost every organization in the industry listed!

This is our aim, however we cannot guarantee every store, dispensary, company or cultivar is 100% honest. We do what we can by confirming all details and checking into the background, including requesting copies of registration and legal status. In other words we do what we can, but this does not mean that all listed members are honest and will deliver! So if you are unsure, please: Contact Us. 


*While many fakes exist and Sativa strains; no other is known globally for their consistent prize-winning quality the (Original & Official) Durban Poison ZA™ Not to mention their trademarks in more than 30 countries and regions, plus every cent earned, is used for economic empowerment, in and around their estates in rural KZN. Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Read More: